Powered by nature, developed for athletes.

I really like AE3 and would like to buy it in bulk to support my busy training schedule. How long will it last?

That’s great you love AE3 so much! AE3 isn’t currently available in bulk (but check back soon!) and because we believe you deserve the freshest, best tasting products we recommend that you buy just what you need for (3 weeks). The shelf life is limited to 1 month and that’s because we use nothing but the best ingredients with no artificial preservatives, flavours or artificial sweeteners. Research shows that these commonly used additives are harmful to health, and because we want the best for you, we simply refuse to add them to any of the AE3 products. Natural preservatives such as cinnamon and naturally occurring sugars in the apricots, raisins and banana spears help keep the pucks fresh and tasty but our best advice is to eat up!

I'm a vegan can I use AE3?

Yes! All AE3 products are suitable for vegans. We have carefully selected plant based protein sources to enhance recovery and support the most rigorous of training programs.

What are functional foods?

Functional foods are ones that deliver specific benefits when it comes to either health or performance. AE3 believes that everything you eat should contribute to health as well as taste amazing! As athletes we are always putting our bodies to the test and AE3 believe that to support best performance, then we need to provide our pbodies with the best. That’s why we have packed all the products with functional superfoods and you can just focus on your goals.

How many pucks should I consume during training?

How much fuel you require before, during or after your training or competition will depend on many factors and is also very individual. Our recommendations are based on the latest sports nutrition guidelines, but should be used as a guide only. If you have any questions we are happy to try and help! You can also check in with a qualified sports nutritionist who should be able to guide you and create a more personalized plan.

Are AE3 products gluten free?

Yes! All AE3 products are made with gluten free ingredients. However, they are made in a facility that processes gluten so may not be suitable if you are a celiac. Please check with your medical professional.

Is there an AE3 drink I can use instead?

Not yet but stay tuned!

Are AE3 suitable for those with allergies?

AE3 uses several common allergens in our products (like nuts…..). All ingredients are listed on the label so please check before using if you have or suspect you have a particular allergy.

Are there other flavours available?

Not yet! If there is something you’d like to taste then drop us an email. We are always keen to hear feedback and get ideas for our next range of products.

Can my kids eat AE3?

AE3 has been specifically designed for athletic performance. However they are healthy and really tasty. In small quantities, they can make a great nutritious kids snack but are more suitable for amateur athletes.