Energize is formulated to increase an athlete’s energy, endurance and mental agility. Our ingredients stimulate satiation, improving digestion of carbs and fats and prevents muscle cramping and fatigue. The pre-workout pucks provide the perfect energy boost 30 minutes prior to starting a workout, and the pucks for consumption during a workout are easy to chew and to eat quickly. Energize is effective at keeping any risk of bonking at bay. 

Perform is boasting with essential foods that Nourish the entire system- to provide focus, increase stamina, speed, reduce muscle cramping and fatigue, prevent inflammation and balance blood sugar levels, aid in digestion and improve performance.

Recover provides the proper nutrition necessary for ultimate recovery. Replenishing your system with electrolytes, sodium and potassium. increase protein intake to keep the muscles strong, prevent muscle cramping and inflammation and adding some elemental carbs and fats to provide you with the nourishing dose of fuel to aid in active recovery.  Lastly, bringing a sense of calm to your nervous system. The post-workout pucks are easier to transport than a protein powder/drink, and have been found to reduce muscle soreness the day after a hard workout.

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